Billy Boom Boom

When the Bending Grasslands tribe discovered an abandoned baby in their midst, they had no idea he would grow up to be the greatest glidewing pilot in Neo Terra history. Billy doesn’t worry about his mysterious origins because he’s too busy goofing around with his two best friends, Ricket and Suma . He has no idea that his talent as a pilot will save Neo Terra, but he knows it’ll come in handy when he’s showing off his latest reckless stunt! Billy has been flying for the sheer joy of it ever since he built his first primitive glider with his best friend Ricket. He was nicknamed ―Billy Boom Boom because he constantly injured himself attempting to ride his glidewing upside-down, through waterfalls, blind-folded, and other near impossible stunts. Lucky for Billy, his friend Suma is always there to bandage him up so he can get on his glidewing and back to flying.

It's unknown if Billy and Suma do have a mutual affection, or the two are just having normal friendship. However, Suma are likely to have a crush on him, rather than the boy has on her.

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