Print ComicsEdit


Issue #5 cover

Initially released as a five part comic series published by Image Comics written by Sean Megaw, Josh Wagner and Sarah Carbiener with art by Camilla d'Errico, coloring by Simon Bork and Patipat Asavasena this storyline surrounds The Witch Queen's goal of using a ancient relic called Mother to enhance the dark energies of Forgotten Isle.

  • Comic Issue #1
  • Comic Issue #2
  • Comic Issue #3
  • Comic Issue #4
  • Comic Issue #5

Graphic NovelEdit

A trade paperback collecting the five issues of the original Image series and the unreleased issue 0 comic and sketches.

Web ComicsEdit

To flesh out more of the backstories, details, and character motivations of Neo Terra a series of web comics was produced. They also serve as promotion of the upcoming release of the Sky Pirates racing game for Facebook, Web, iOS, etc. (To be release in 2012)

  • Web Comic #1: Vanwitt's Discovery
  • Web Comic #2: The Great Race
  • Web Comic #3: Magical Crystals of Neo Terra
  • Web Comic #4: The H
  • Web Comic #5: Relic Hunters
  • Web Comic #6: Growing Unrest
  • Web Comic #7: Sera
  • Web Comic #8: Flora
  • Web Comic #9: Grash
  • Web Comic #10: Rascal
  • Web Comic #11: Shadow Marsh
  • Web Comic #12 : (Coming soon)
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