Councilor Elah

The former councilor of Bending Grasslands.

Councilor Elah watches over the Bending Grasslands tribe, home to Billy , Suma , Ricket , and Arra . An elderly man with no family of his own, he thinks of the members of his tribe as his children. Although he’s adept at easing tensions and solving conflicts through compromise, some worry his reputation as a man of peace makes the Grasslands seem an easy target for The Forgotten Isle , if and when they strike. For years, Elah has sensed his time as leader is coming to an end. In Arra, he’s found the best apprentice a Councilor could hope for. He wishes to pass on as much of his knowledge and experience as he can, but he recognizes how useful it is for her to learn from her own mistakes now and then. He’s a grandfather to the younger children of the tribe and has been known to enlist their help in the occasional harmless prank. He will be greatly missed by all when he’s gone.

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