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Coming in the Fall of 2012 to Facebook, iOS, and Android devices, Sky Pirates Racing is the official game of Sky Pirates of Neo Terra.

It's a kart racing game for all ages.


Online MultiplayerEdit

Online Multiplayer- The player can connect with up to 5 other players and race head to head on all tracks.

Single PlayerEdit

Single Player- The player can race against all the racers on any track.


Story Mode- Broken into 15 episodes, the original storyline features Billy, Ricket, and Suma in another conflict with The Witch Queen. The player will go through all the tracks and discover shortcuts.

Customizable GlidewingEdit

The player will have the option to create a custom glidewing.

Changable items:

  • Body
  • Wings
  • Front
  • Engine (Back)

Customizable RacerEdit

The player will have the option to create a custom racer.

Changable clothing:

  • Hair Style/ Hats
  • Tops
  • Gloves
  • Bottoms
  • Shoes


Each track in Neo Terra has different hazards, shortcuts, and bonuses.

Environmental BoostsEdit

Each track contains Shortcuts, Wind Currents, and Wind Tunnels. All of which can get the racer closer to the finish line.


Shortcuts are alternate routes on the course that can get the player closer to the finish line than taking the main route. The window of opportunity when a player can turn into shortcut is very small. Shortcuts can also reward the player with hidden power-ups.


Wind Currents

Wind CurrentsEdit

Wind Currents are white trails on the ground that give the player an escalating boost of speed. The player must maintain contact with the Wind Current to take advantage of it. This becomes increasingly difficult as the Glidewing picks up speed and Wind Current curves.

Wind tunnels

Wind Tunnel

Wind TunnelsEdit

Wind Tunnels are marked as white circular portals. When the player’s Glidewing touches it, they’re effortlessly transported across the track faster than any power-up or boost. Wind Tunnels can be hidden or a required part of a track.

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