Racing began as a contest between the first Councilors of Neo Terra; each would try to be first to arrive for the Great Council. Over time, this playful competition became a full-fledged race, and as much a part of the annual Council as the meeting itself.

Racers competed on foot or atop an animal until the legendary Mechanic Vanwitt invented the Glidewing one-hundred years ago. Glidewings are fast, nimble, airborne…and dangerous!

Each tribe now holds several local races throughout the year. At the end of the season, one racer from each tribe travels to Neo Eden for the Great Race.

The Great RaceEdit

The annual Great Race is held in the valley of Neo Eden before an enormous amphitheater for thousands of cheering and jeering spectators. Although there are heated rivalries between many tribes and races, this was a friendly, celebratory event until the formation of the Sky Pirates. When the Great Race first began, the Council declared that any racer that was victorious five years in a row would be allowed to name a High Councilor. This rule was largely forgotten because winning five in a row is nearly impossible. Besides the last racer to accomplish the feat, “Diver” Dag Jag One Hundred and Seventy years ago, recognized how outdated and unnecessary this honor was and declined to name a High Councilor.

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