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The World of Neo Terra

Neo Terra is a post-apocalyptic setting where lush, deadly nature, newfound magic and relics of advanced technology from past civilizations collide.

The people are divided into a dozen peaceful tribes, each carving out a hard but satisfying existence in the various and diverse corners of the world. Dangerous creatures roam the wilds, and the tribes use powerful magical forces which are mined from the ground in the form of brilliant crystals and repurpose the technology of the ancients to defend themselves. All habitable lands have a Councilor that represents that land's interests. The dozen independent tribes have learned to thrive in their homelands, be they frozen tundra or dusty plains. They key to their survival is their relationships with each other. All of the tribes depend on trade with the others. This combined with evidence of a violent past on Neo Terra that ended the people who inhabited it before them keeps the tribes from going to war with each other.

One tribe never found a home, and still wanders to this day. They are known as the Nomads. A fate more sinister befell the fourteenth and last tribe. They seemed to vanish completely, but The Forgotten are the decedents of the lost fourteenth tribe.

Each land of Neo Terra has a glidewing track that hosts regular races. It culminates in The Great Race which happens once a year in Neo Eden.

Lands & TribesEdit

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