Convobg neoeden

At the center of Neo Terra sits the beautiful, lush, and natural valley of Neo Eden. Surrounded by a high ring of steep mountains, the first tribe called this place home until they became too large for the resources they had. They elected a council of the 14 wisest members, and each of them led their own tribe in a search for a new place settle and call home.

The TribeEdit

No tribe occupies Neo Eden.

Councilor Edit

There is no Councilor for Neo Eden except in times of great need, when a High Councilor is chosen.

The First TribeEdit

The First Tribe defended itself from ravenous beasts and learned to live off the land. As the years passed, the tribe outgrew the valley. There were too few resources for too many people. Desperate, the first tribe formed a Council made up of the wisest of their number. The Council agreed that the only fair solution was for everyone to leave the valley and settle elsewhere. Each of the fourteen members led a group of people to new lives outside the valley.

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