After the destruction of the civilization preceding Neo Terra, a mystical and powerful energy was released from the core of the earth. The first tribe learned to channel this energy with various, rare crystals. The wisest tribe members tapped into the crystals’ energy to change the weather heal mortal wounds, and tame beasts.

It's unknown whether the destruction of the world Pre-Terra resulted in the creation of those powerful crystal, or they are mysteriously and artificially created for the descendants of Neo Terra

Each type of crystal channels a particular energy.

Crystals & Powers (While Racing)Edit

  • Wind: Gives the player an invincible boost of speed.
  • Ice: Freezes an opponent in an ice tornado.
  • Electric: Drains an opponent’s boost meter by zapping them with electricity.
  • Fire: Shoots a homing missile at the nearest opponent.
  • Death: Reverses an opponent’s controls for a short period of time.
  • Earth: Protects the player from harm with a spinning rock barrier.
  • Neo: Transforms itself into a random power-up.
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