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The World of Neo Terra

The Sky Pirates of Neo Terra takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting where lush, deadly nature, newfound magic and relics of advanced technology from past civilizations collide.

The people are divided into a dozen peaceful tribes, each carving out a hard but satisfying existence in the various and diverse corners of the world. Dangerous creatures roam the wilds, and the tribes use powerful magical forces which are mined from the ground in the form of brilliant crystals and repurpose the technology of the ancients to defend themselves.

The tribes gather in Neo Eden every year. The best Glidewing racer from each of the tribes competes. They face an unknown yet terrifying threat from the Witch Queen and her army of the Forgotten. Billy Boom Boom and his friends must save Neo Terra from plunging into darkness once more.

The Lands/ Tribes of Neo Terra:
  • The Arctic Glade
    Bending Grasslands
    Breakneck Islands
    Far Finger
    Great Woods
    Long Mine
    Old Home
    Pine Point
    Shadow Marsh
    Shifting Sands
    The Peaks
    Toppling Reeds
    The Nomads
    Neo Eden
    The Forgotten
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