Pirate king

Pirate King/ Elean

The Pirate King is the most charming, arrogant, and dangerous young man in all of Neo Terra. The Pirate King’s real name is Elean. Before he entered the Witch Queen’s service, he was a respectable member of the Bending Grasslands tribe. He fell in love with a younger, sweeter Arra , and the two were engaged to be married. When Elean wasn’t named the tribe’s racer, he was enraged and humiliated. He fled the Grasslands, vowing never to return. Inexperienced and ignorant of the darker forces lurking in Neo Terra, he suffered much during his travels alone before the Witch Queen found him near death in the Shifting Sands . She nursed him back to health and recruited him into The Raiders. After his tribe ―rejected him‖ and his terrible experiences while traveling alone, Elean shed every trait of the young man he once was and became the callous, cynical Pirate King. The Pirate King’s ultimate weakness is his pride. He’s obsessed with proving to everyone, especially those in the Bending Grasslands tribe, that he is the greatest pilot. He was a decent, kind young man once, and maybe he will be again someday.

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