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The Shadow Marsh tribe practices a brand of Neo Magic that closely resembles Voodoo. Their land’s dusky swamp, perpetual fog, and thick jungles mirror that mystical feel. Some say that it’s haunted by the spirits of racers who met their end there and who enjoy messing with racers for fun.

The TribeEdit

The Shadow Marsh tribe is somewhat primitive compared to the other tribes, but they’re not savage like the Forgotten. They dwell in the dusky marshlands and thick jungles, and they adhere to intense, superstitious beliefs about jungle spirits, willow-the-wisps, and things just out of sight. Their particular brand of Neo Magic resembles Voodoo.

The CouncilorEdit


Councilor Caleypsu

Councilor Caleypsu: A powerful Neo Magician, it is rumored that she toys with the darker side of Neo Magic, but she rarely attends the Great Council to deny these attacks on her character.

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