Convobg forgotten

This volatile isle is home to the Witch Queen and the long lost tribe of Neo Terra, the Forgotten. Its charred obsidian slopes are populated by fire-resistant flora & fauna and volcanic rivers & boiling springs. The horrific surroundings have been known to drive anyone who spends time there into madness.

The TribeEdit

When the original fourteen tribes left Neo Eden, one tribe vanished. Starving and lost, they settled on the Forgotten Isle, where their horrific surroundings drove them to madness and savagery. They became the Forgotten. They were too disorganized to be much of a threat, but the Witch Queen has united them against a common enemy, the peaceful people of Neo Terra.



The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen: The cruel leader of the Forgotten.

Key Characters from The Forgotten IsleEdit

Scoutie: Unlike his bloodthirsty brethren, he has a peaceful heart.

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