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For reasons only passed down by the elders within the tribe, the Nomads never settled. To this day, they search for a near-mythical location that they will one day claim as home. The Nomads are shrewd traders and merchants; they make a living by bringing goods to barter from one tribe to another. During the race season the Nomads follow the circuit, and all racers know they carry the widest variety of glidewing parts.

Key CharactersEdit

Raggle the Haggler Raggle specializes in glidewing equipment. He’s a fixture on the race circuit who loves haggling above all else and won’t accept a penny below what he believes is a fair price.

Rascal the Racer “Rascal” looks suspiciously like Raggle. Both Raggle and Rascal deny they’re the same person, but no one is shopping for glidewing parts during a race to see if Raggle is at his tent, so who knows.

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