The Witch Queen

The Witch Queen is the cunning, manipulative leader of the The Forgotten Isle. Whatever the Witch Queen’s story before she ascended to power, it is surely littered with the corpses of those who stood in her way. She nurtures a fierce, almost absurd hatred for the tribes of Neo Terra and her alliance with The Raiders is part of her latest plan to enslave them all. The only living master of Dark Neo Magic , the Witch Queen is one of the few who can wield a Death Crystal. (Most who attempt kill their enemies with this crystal die a painful death themselves.) She rules the Forgotten Isle with an iron fist, and all of her followers, even the Brawlers who are three times her size, live in fear of her wrath. Years ago, the Witch Queen found a teenage boy lost and near death in the desert. She nursed him back to health, and he swore to serve her in return. Seeing his potential, she shaped him into the Pirate King , the leader of her Sky Pirates. Due to an archaic law, if he wins his fifth Great Race , he will be able to name the Witch Queen as the High Councilor of all of Neo Terra. She fiendishly anticipates the havoc she will wreak once she assumes this position of ultimate power.

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